Electric British Humvee Unveiled

British Electric Humvee

Prindiville, the London-based car builder, has unveiled a customised electric vehicle designed to look like the American gas-guzzler ‘Humvee’.

Prindiville has licences to adapt the shape and designs of many popular models into electric and hybrid cars. Their first release is the Humvee, made popular by rappers, D-listers and Chris Eubank.

The Electric Hummer, officially licensed from American car behemoth General Motors, features a two-speed transmission, and an integrated 72V drive system powered by a lithium-iron phosphate battery. The Electric Hummer has an admittedly limited range – 60 miles on a full charge. From a safety point of view, the Electric Hummer has lockable double-skinned driver and passenger doors, injection moulded LED front headlamps and better luminosity on lights to the rear.

Despite the Humvee being originally built for off-road action, the electric version has been created to meet the growing demand for the daily commute and, thanks to its eco-credentials, is able to avoid the congestion charge.

The superbly named Truska Angel, CEO of Prindiville Design, commented:

“We are fully aware of our responsibility to offer motorists sustainable choices through the provision of exciting transport solutions in this evolving electric sector. The new model is clearly a step in the right direction and the beginning of an exciting journey which promotes individual styling preferences, fun, and an all-important sustainable lifestyle. This is clear evidence that greener choices do not have to compromise luxury and beautiful design.”

The £25,000 Electric Humvee will is initially be available as a Limited Edition. A fuller production is scheduled in the future.


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