Build quality and comfort strong on new Volkswagen Polo

There are few rivals to the Volkswagen Polo if a motorist wants a smaller vehicle that puts comfort and build quality over how fun it is to drive, according to one reviewer.

Andrew Frankel reveals in the Times that the vehicle is "beautifully built, eerily quiet, comfortable and a classy compact hatchback".

Among the vehicles available under the new Polo umbrella is the 1.4-litre SE version, which allows a motorist to complete 47.9 miles per gallon of fuel.

Furthermore, the vehicle has the capability of reaching 110 miles per hour, while generating 139g/km of carbon dioxide.

Meanwhile, Mr Frankel adds of the 1.4 SE offering that "it is a little more frugal, a smidge more powerful and a barely detectable amount faster" than the past vehicle in the range.

Other highlights of the car are that it provides precise steering, while it is also a "lot more spacious" than a Ford Fiesta.

According to Volkswagen, the Polo provides drivers with "a lot of car for a small price tag", while being stylish and economical.


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