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Vehicle tax included

Provided by LeasePlan UK Limited. AA Financial Services is a credit broker and not a lender.

Our best EV deals

Get breakdown cover, vehicle tax, and VAT included with your electric car lease as standard.

View all our EV leases

Lease an electric car with us and choose from a wide range of new vehicles.

What is AA Lease for EVs?

AA Lease lets you lease an electric car for a period between 2 and 4 years – the choice is up to you. It works just like other long-term car rental services, with you paying a monthly fee to get behind the wheel of a brand-new electric car for a set mileage per year.

Our service also lets you flexibly change your mileage or term once during your lease for free too. And our EV lease provider, LeasePlan, is also a member of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA), so works in line with the organisation’s customer-friendly code of practice.

And to make things that bit easier, we’ll have your new EV car lease delivered to you free at the start of your contract and collected at the end. It’s the simple, quick, and stress-free way to lease an electric.

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Why lease an electric car?


Looking to upgrade your car and enjoy the zero-emission benefits of an electric vehicle? Here’s why leasing an EV could make sense for you:

  • Vehicle cost – EVs are still relatively expensive compared to petrol and diesel vehicles, which makes it difficult for many to experience the benefits. With electric car leasing, you pay a much smaller monthly fee for the same car, which can simplify and spread out your budgeting.
  • EV availability – Supply shortages are sadly a fact of life right now, which means many people buying EVs outright are having to wait months for their car to be delivered. With an electric car lease, you can be certain your vehicle will arrive on time – not in a year’s time.
  • No depreciation – All new cars depreciate, EVs included. If you lease yours, you won’t have to worry about working out how much value it has lost when you finally decide to sell and upgrade.
  • Extra benefits – For a single monthly fee, you get your electric car lease alongside extras like breakdown cover, vehicle tax, and more. If you hate motoring admin then a lease brings peace of mind.
  • Cheaper running costs – Electric vehicles are cheaper to run than those that run on combustion engines, given that electricity is cheaper than petrol or diesel. The numbers are significant: in January 2021, British Gas crunched the numbers and found EVs to be around 70% cheaper to run than combustion. That’s a significant saving over the long run.
  • Simplified maintenance – Electric cars can lose battery range over time and cost more to repair than conventional vehicles. With an electric car lease, you don’t need to worry about these issues.

What's included?

All our EV lease deals come with great benefits and leading electric cars for a clear upfront fee and predictable monthly price with zero hidden costs.

  • EV car rental costs
  • Vehicle tax
  • Single change of term or mileage
  • Free delivery and collection
  • Reliable AA breakdown cover

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Electric car leasing FAQs

Electric car leasing works by paying a monthly fee to rent an electric vehicle for a set period and mileage. Also known as Personal Contract Hire (PCH), you’re responsible for running costs and some other vehicle costs not covered by your contract deal. With us, you get things like road tax and breakdown paid for as part of the monthly fee.

At the end of your lease, we’ll collect your car, leaving you free to lease an even newer vehicle.

Learn all you need to know about EVs

The cost of leasing an electric car depends on a range of factors including:

  • Make and model of vehicle
  • Contract period
  • Amount of annual mileage
  • Upfront payment size.

For a firm understanding of how much it will cost to lease your chosen electric car, view our listings.

Wondering whether you should buy or lease an electric car? The choice depends on several things.

First, leasing can make sense if you want a new electric car but don’t have a lump sum to pay for one upfront. Payments will also be simpler and more predictable as you won’t need to worry about paying road tax and other costs.

Similarly, if you’re the type of person who likes driving new cars, you can switch to a new model at the end of the electric car lease. You won’t have to worry about advertising and selling your car and being hit by depreciation.

Electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular option for drivers. The BVRLA’s January 2022 Leasing Outlook Report found that 21% of new cars were EVs in Q3 2021, with numbers forecast to grow by 53% by Q3 2022.

When all is said and done, it’s important you compare the price of EV lease deals to buying. Make a decision based on your finances, circumstances and future plans. That way, you can drive an EV the right way.

Hear from real drivers about their EV leasing experiences in our guide.

Leasing an electric car is a good idea if you want a new car for a set monthly price, without needing to worry about breakdown cover and tax costs.  

If you’re happy driving within the mileage limits you’ve chosen and don’t care about owning the car at the end of the contract, then a customisable and customer-friendly electric car lease could be the right choice for you. 

From search to delivery online

AA Lease is flexible to provide the type of car you need, from 2 to 4 years, and for the mileage you drive. And you can arrange it all from home.

Choose your electric car, term, mileage, and colour
Apply online
If accepted, sign online
Get your car delivered

Learn more about EV leasing

Work out whether leasing an electric car is for you with our user-friendly guides below.

What is a car lease?

We explain how car leasing works and how it can benefit you.

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5 reasons to lease an EV

Why are battery-powered cars becoming more popular to lease?

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What you need to know about EVs

Answers to the main questions drivers have about electric vehicles.


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Any questions?

The AA Lease team is here to help with any EV leasing query you might have.

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