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Car leasing guides

What’s included in our service and maintenance package?

Here’s what you’ll get as part of your Smart Lease deal.

What's car depreciation?

What exactly is car depreciation, why does it matter and is there a way of avoiding it?

To EV or not EV? We ask the question

How are drivers finding the switch from petrol or diesel to electric?

How do I charge an EV? How far will it go?

Get the lowdown on charging EVs and the distance they'll travel.

Top 5 leasing questions

From demystifying jargon to what happens at the end, we've got the answers for you. 

What you need to know about EVs

Answers to the main questions drivers have about electric vehicles.

Cost of running a car
Cost of running a car

It's easy to overlook the everyday costs of keeping a car on the road.

Common misbeliefs about leasing

We explore some misconceptions that might put you off car leasing.

5 reasons to lease an EV

Why are battery-powered cars becoming more popular to lease?

Returning your lease vehicle

Here's how to get your car in tip-top condition when it's returned to the leasing company.

Pros and cons of leasing a car

More and more drivers are looking at leasing their next car instead of buying.

What is a car lease?

We explain how car leasing works and how it could benefit you.

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