Hyundai to make three new introductions in Geneva

Hyundai has announced that it is to release three "world premieres" at the Geneva Motor Show this year.

Firstly, the automaker is to unveil its new European C-segment hatchback, which is currently codenamed the FD.

In developing the car, which is the first from Hyundai to be designed specifically for Europe, the manufacturer states that it focused on the combination of "cultivated dynamics with sleek, sophisticated styling".

Also being introduced will be a new vehicle nomenclature system, with an alphanumeric strategy coming into place, which Hyundai says is "more holistic" than its previous naming method.

A crossover-SUV concept will also be unveiled at the show, which will use advanced materials to create an environmentally friendly SUV.

Tony Whitehorn, managing director of Hyundai UK, said that the Geneva Motor Show will be a "significant turning point" for the manufacturer.

"The launch of FD, combined with the new naming strategy, the imminent arrival of a 300,000-unit European manufacturing facility and new advanced R&D facilities…signal Hyundai’s development into a mainstream European manufacturer with serious intentions to provide high quality and affordable cars," Mr Whitehorn added.


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