Hyundai to launch Fluid Metal TV campaign

A new advertising campaign from motor manufacturer Hyundai is to be launched this year.

The aim of the initiative, entitled Fluid Metal, is to raise awareness of the quality and style of Hyundai vehicles currently on the market.

Fluid Metal originally ran in the UK in February 2007 and is now set to return to boost sales in 2008.

According to Jim Campbell, the company’s marketing director in the UK, the firm is already know for its "outstanding quality" and needs to convey this in its promotion.

"It was an easy decision to revive Fluid Metal on TV, but this time we will make more of an impact by running the longer 40 second version," said the official.

Hyundai is the largest conglomerate company in South Korea and the world’s sixth-biggest industry manufacturer.

In Korean, the phrase "Hyundai" means modernity and it pronunciation rhymes with Sunday, as revealed by the firm in a US advertising campaign.


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