Green motorists should ‘keep i out for eco car’

Eco-friendly drivers may want to keep their eyes peeled for the new ‘i’ badge Hyundai is putting on its carbon-saving vehicles.

Cars with the emblem across on its front wings will be saving motorists "hundreds of pounds in tax", according to the automaker, while also cutting down on emissions.

The vehicle produces 119 g per km and will be exempt for the proposed congestion charge to be introduced to London in 2008 as it will go into group B, which means the cost of a tax disc for it will also drop.

But the firm has pointed out that nothing will be lost when it comes to practicality.

"Unlike some rivals, the i30’s advanced design means there has been no need to resort to measures such as skinny tyres, expensive stop-start systems, long gearing or lowered suspension to achieve the low CO2 figure," said the company,

Meanwhile, a new advertising campaign from the firm in the US will attempt to improve its image.


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