New Vauxhall technology to alert drivers of speed limits and overtaking signs

Vauxhall is set to introduce a new innovation which it hopes could improve driving safety, reduce stress and prevent speeding tickets.

A dual-function camera will be available from 2009 which will read speed limit and no-overtaking signs and display them on the instrument panel.

What’s more, the system, known as the Traffic Sign Recognition and Lane Departure Warning, will warn drivers if they stray out of their lane on a motorway.

"These new features follow Vauxhall’s philosophy of enhancing driving excitement by assisting drivers without reducing their level of control," commented Hans Demant, managing director of GME Engineering.

"That means the system gives drivers information, but it doesn’t intervene."

A Front Camera System featuring the Traffic Sign Recognition and Lane Departure Warning will soon be available as an option on the new Vauxhall Insignia, although there are plans afoot to allow other models to benefit from the technology in the near future.


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