Peugeot 207 drivers may wish to experience Biarritz

The Peugeot 207 line-up is set to grow in the near future following the introduction of a new model to the market.

Peugeot has unveiled the 207 Biarritz Special Edition, which is a model based around the previously recognisable SE vehicle.

Those interested in the vehicle could also pick it up with a host of optional extras including a panoramic glass roof and front fog lights.

The Biarritz is available in both three and five door forms and comes equipped with safety features such as driver and passenger airbags.

Furthermore, thieves may find it tougher to steal the vehicle thanks to the inclusion of remote central locking and an automatic boot and door locking feature.

Low road tax and emissions are also present in the vehicle’s diesel offering, with the Biarritz generating 117g/km.

Jeremy Clarkson stated in a review of the Peugeot 207 in the Times that he was surprised by how quickly the car zoomed away from a set of traffic lights and overall he "sort of liked it".


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