Free Audi A3 for Cambridge apartment buyers

Individuals currently focused on moving house can get an Audi A3 as part of the purchase if they buy a home at a new Cambridge development, it has been revealed.

Cambridge house developer Redeham Homes has joined forces with Cambridge Audi, part of the Vindis Group, to provide buyers of an apartment at the riverside development Vie with a free Audi A3.

The deal is to be launched on May 16th and will run until June 16th, with interested parties encouraged to show their interest before that date.

Jayne Stevens, events and public relations manager for Vindis Group, comments: "The A3 and the Vie development compliment each other perfectly.

"Both have exquisite style and an undeniable quality that is only matched by the service both Redeham Homes and Cambridge Audi, part of the Vindis Group, provide."

Those that purchase a home within the dates will receive their free Audi A3 upon the legal completion of the apartment deal.

According to Audi, the new A3 combines "immaculate build quality with classic Audi refinement", while also offering an "unprecedented combination of luxury and value".


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