Good looks of used Audi A4 Avant vehicle continued [A4]

Used Audi A4 Avant enthusiasts who appreciate the vehicle’s good looks and "superb build" have been told that the latest offering does not let the high standards slip.

Writing for the Perthshire Advertiser, Alistair Coull reveals that the Audi A4 170PS Avant is "beautifully built and engineered".

Furthermore, he states that the vehicle packs a punch in terms of performance, with its smooth six-speed gearbox "almost superfluous".

Those drivers regularly indulging on long journeys will benefit from a "very comfortable" ride, according to Mr Coull, while the vehicle also provides passengers with well-supported seats.

Also, the fact that the wheelbase has been extended means that rear seat passengers can stretch out thanks to the availability of extra legroom and a bigger loadspace offers more room for a driver’s golf equipment.

Channel Four commented in a review of the Audi A4 Avant that the vehicle is good looking on the outside, while also coming fitted with an attractive interior.

Meanwhile, it was highlighted that the petrol engines that the buyers could choose from were an asset.


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