Even nostalgia depreciates

Television shows featuring props and clothing from the 1980s are leading to increased enquiries about collector cars.

But Eurotax Glass, the price advisors for used vehicles, warns that once the TV series have ended, so does the interest, and that buyers who regard these cars as an investment may find that they don’t hold their value as well as hoped.

John Glynn, editor of the Older Car Guide, comments: "Though Ashes to Ashes is undoubtedly entertaining, and prices for red Audi Quattros in particular may enjoy a minor blip while the series remains on air, the show is unlikely to have a direct and quantifiable long-term impact on Quattro prices."

"Enthusiasts do not need TV shows to remind them how interesting the cars of the era were. They already know, and prices have been rising accordingly for some time."

Other 1980s supercars which aficionados are currently seeking are Mark 2 Ford Escorts, Ford Capri 2.8i and Toyota Corolla GT Coupes.


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