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With governments and city councils becoming more concerned about higher levels of pollution, drivers are being charged for adding to emissions.

As a result, low emission zones are becoming more common, with some cars listed as releasing more emissions than others. That means newer models that produce less emissions can usually avoid being charged daily fees in these areas.

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone, for example, has an entry charge of £12.50 for all petrol cars built before September 2009 and diesel cars built before September 2015. That covers a lot of cars currently on UK roads.

But if you want to avoid these charges, there are plenty of cars on the used market that are in-line with the rules. Here are some of the best.

Jaguar I-Pace

As it’s all-electric, it’s no surprise the Jaguar I-Pace makes this list. The premium SUV has won multiple awards, including the 2019 World Car of the Year, and for good reason. A quality interior paired with great modern design makes this car a high-end overall package.

With a range of 292 miles on a single charge, the I-Pace can go further than most other cars in its segment. And with lots of interior space, it’s practical for carrying things too.

Used Jaguar I-Pace from £46,000 on AA Cars

Audi TT

This small sports car may not be the most obvious choice for the city. But if it’s style you’re after, the TT could be a good option — all diesel models since 2015 are Euro 6 compliant and able to drive in emission zones. It’s a great model if you’re after efficiency outside the city as well. 

Compliant used Audi TT from £11,990 on AA Cars

Range Rover Evoque

As stylish crossovers go, the Range Rover Evoque is top of the list. Ever since it was introduced in 2011, the model has been a regular sight on UK roads, with all diesel models built after 2015 complying with Euro 6 requirements.

As well as being compliant with most emission zones, the Evoque is efficient to use on longer journeys and, when needed, has good off-roading capabilities.

Compliant used Range Rover Evoque from £13,500 on AA Cars

Volkswagen Up!

The Volkswagen Up! has been in-line with the most recent emission laws since 2014. This compact model is one of the best city cars around, and thanks to clean combustion engines it can breeze through emission zones as well.

Also available as the Seat Mii and Skoda Citigo, this body style is quite a popular one. But with Volkswagen’s model you get a higher level of equipment, not to mention the more premium badge that many drivers are after.

Compliant used Volkswagen Up! from £3,800 on AA Cars

Ford Fiesta

There’s good reason why the Fiesta is so popular with UK drivers – it works almost everywhere. All models since 2014 have been Euro 6 compliant, and the EcoBoost petrols are the pick of the line-up.

The Fiesta’s compact size means it’s great around town. And with the peppy petrol units helping to weave around city streets, it’s no surprise that the Fiesta is a smart option. 

Compliant used Ford Fiestas from £4,000 on AA Cars

Mercedes E-Class Estate

Mercedes E300 BlueTEC Hybrid eco-drive from Newquay to Wick, 12 & 13 September 2012.

It may seem surprising that a big German estate is on this list, but when fitted with the BlueTec diesel engine, the E-Class Estate fits the bill. Compliant with Euro 6 emission guidelines, this car is both good on emissions and fuel.

When you’re not in the city, the E-Class goes far on single tank. And if it’s space you need, the huge boot and vastly spacious interior  make this a great option. Overall, this car is ready for anything life could throw at it.

Used Mercedes E-Class BlueTec Estate from £6,890 on AA Cars

Vauxhall Astra

Often seen as one of the best family hatchbacks around, Vauxhall Astra models from 2014 onwards all follow Euro 6 guidelines. This makes both petrol and diesel models great for driving in and out of emission zones.

The spacious interior means both you and your passengers can get comfy easily. And with plenty of equipment on offer in used models, you’ll be able to find an Astra that suits you best.

Compliant used Vauxhall Astra from £3,500 on AA Cars

Mini Hatch 

Not only is this one of the best-looking hatchbacks around, the Mini Hatch is also one of the best for driving around town. With fuel-sipping and low emission turbocharged engines, the compact Hatch is perfect for towns with emission zones.

Interior space may be less than similarly-sized models. But with plenty of equipment coming with option packs, used Hatchs will be well-suited to drivers needing something compact.

Compliant used Mini Hatch from £4,395 on AA Cars

Peugeot 508 SW

Building on the 407 before it, the 508 was a step up in quality for Peugeot. And since 2014, the already-efficient model has been in-line with emission zone standards. In its SW form, the 508 comes with a large boot and impressive levels of kit.

Newer versions come with an incredibly handsome design. But there are bargains to be had on older models, which are also available as a hybrid in the form of the RXH.

Compliant used Peugeot 508 SW from £4,500 on AA Cars

Renault Zoe

With zero emissions produced while on the move, the Renault Zoe works perfectly in zero-emission zones. Compact and easy to manoeuvre around town, the Zoe comes with options suited to either quick charging or longer range. 

Thanks to almost instant torque delivery from the motor, getting away from traffic lights and out of junctions isn’t difficult. And with stylish looks, the only thing you need to worry about with the Zoe is where to charge it.

Used Renault Zoe from £5,500 on AA Cars


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