Multimedia system added to Peugeot 807

Peugeot claims to have made long journeys easier for drivers of its 807 model by incorporating a new multimedia system into the MPV range.

The RT4 system includes a 30-gigabyte hard disk which offers colour satellite navigation with full European mapping and 180 hours of music.

Peugeot’s 807 will be available with the facility from July, enabling drivers to utilise a hands-free GSM mobile phone system and a tri-tuner radio.

"So if it’s Coldplay or Bach, choosing the right CD is a thing of the past," the automaker said.

"Now the challenge is to find a journey to enjoy all of your music, a challenge made easier with the 807’s potential range of over 600 miles between fill-ups."

The RT4 multimedia system comes at a price of £1,650 including VAT.

Other technological options offered with the Peugeot 807 include electronic sliding doors, a corner brake control facility and an electronic stability programme.


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