Peugeot 207 drivers have the chance to become ‘sexy’

Motorists looking to purchase a used Peugeot 207 may want to increase their sexiness by purchasing a vehicle from the Verve range.

Running alongside Peugeot’s new ‘DriveSexy’ advertising campaign, the manufacturer has released a range of special edition Verve models.

Among these is an updated Peugeot 207, which includes an upgraded Sport bumper design with integrated fog lights.

Furthermore, an additional selection of trim colours has been produced, with used car drivers now having the choice of Flamenco Red, Neysha Blue, Onyx Black and Aluminium Silver.

Both petrol and diesel 1.4-lire offerings are available for buyers, while the vehicle can also be purchased in three and five-door forms.

Meanwhile, air conditioning and BlueTooth capabilities are additional features of the enhanced specification.

Christian Stein, Peugeot’s UK marketing director, said: "The new Peugeot Verve Special Editions bring great value to our exceptional product range.

"Take a look if you can, because we’d ask – why drive predictable, when you can DriveSexy?"

The 207 also provides drivers with innovative storage solutions, as well as a contemporary-styled dashboard.


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