Oxford’s new Mini E to be tested in US

BMW Group has announced that 500 new all-electric Mini E cars, built in Oxford, will be shipped for testing in the US.

California, New York and New Jersey will be the states where private and corporate customers will put the new car’s green credentials to the test.

The cars will be delivered to customers on a one-year lease with an extension option.

When the year is up, or the lease expires, all of the automobiles belonging to the project will be returned to the BMW Group’s engineering fleet where they will be subjected to comparative tests.

Modelled on the current Mini Hatch, the car will initially be available as a two-seater. The space normally occupied by rear passengers is reserved for a lithium-ion battery.

Users can recharge a battery that has been completely drained using a wall-box that will be supplied as standard with every Mini E.

The wall-box will be installed in the customer’s garage and can usually recharge batteries in just two-and-a-half hours.


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