Peugeot Go Urban

From new superminis to single person taxis, automated cars to congestion charges, the unprecedented cost of inner city parking to the increasing number of bus lanes, the modern British urban driver has never been presented with a more rapidly changing landscape.

Both from a point of view of increased industrial development and the coagulation of communities, in countries across the world, human beings are becoming increasingly urban. As a result, manufacturers are building leaner, lighter, greener and more compact cars.

The latest car to appear on the urban horizon is Peugeot’s Urban Crossover Concept

While the Peugeot press release is full of the usual superlatives: elegant, refined, sporty and seductive etc. the move marks yet another step towards an admission that motorway and urban driving splits further and further apart with each passing month.

peugeot_2008_urban_crossover_2013_sideThe Urban Crossover Concept is super light, lending it the green credentials in demand from urban drivers and environments. Part SUV, part saloon, Peugeot’s Urban Crossover is just over 4 metres long and just under two meters wide combining Peugeot’s small vehicle know-how with the increased demand for genre-splitting cars. Raised body and wheels mean that access is simple for every member of the family. As for design, to the rear, LED lamps are embedded into the body, presenting three ‘floating claws’. An aluminium spoiler and roof nod to Peugeot’s RCZ Sports Coupé.

Inevitably, the Peugeot press release reads like it’s been through a hyperbole machine.

“(The Urban Crossover) is the synthesis of Peugeot’s know-how in creating a small vehicle combining agility, compactness, multi-role ability and confident styling at the service of young city dwellers that like the city, live the city, creating the city, while still loving to escape it.”

Whatever the say, The Urban Crossover is yet the latest choice for drivers looking to whiz about town with occasional trips on the M1.


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