Locals can benefit but visitors pay more at Dartford toll

There will be winners and losers when the pricing structure changes for users of the Dartford tunnel or bridge on the M25.

Local residents will be able to purchase a residents’ permit to allow up to 50 crossings per year for the special price of £10 per annum.

Other road users, however, will have charges raised depending upon the time of day that vehicles use the crossings.

Natalie Chapman, regional policy manager of the Freight Transport Association, said: "The FTA continues to believe that the Dartford tolls should be scrapped completely.

"In the past, the continuation of tolls has been defended on road safety grounds. However, any safety issues can be managed through Active Traffic Management, such as variable speed limits, average speed cameras and overhead gantries advising of lane closures. The experience in Scotland where tolls were abolished in February 2008 was that traffic anarchy did not ensue, rather traffic flow was freed up and pollution levels reduced."

When the Dartford bridge was under construction, road users were told that tolls would be abolished once the cost of the bridge construction had been met. That would have meant that charges should have ceased on April 1st 2003.


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