Ford launches catalytic converter crime hotline phone service

Ford has launched a fight back against catalytic converter thieves – by providing a new hotline number to ring to report thefts.

Criminal gangs across the UK have found that stealing catalytic converters from vehicles can be a lucrative trade. The precious metal content (usually platinum) has a re-sale value of around £100 – not a bad return for a few minutes’ ‘work’.

As there was no way of identifying one converter from another, thieves ran a low risk of being charged, even if caught.

But these days of easy pickings could be over now that Retainagroup, the car security marking and registration systems specialist, has collaborated with Ford to provide a method of permanently marking catalytic converters to give them a unique identity.

Each mark comprises a distinct logo, a unique seven-digit code and a 24-hour telephone number.

The unique code is recorded with vehicle and owner details on the register and can be verified immediately at any time, day or night, 365 days per year.

People who phone the number will get the chance to shop a catalytic converter thief and make parking spaces across the UK safer places for all law-abiding drivers.


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