Focus RS is a “proper enthusiasts car”

Motorists keeping an eye out for a Ford Focus RS will be gaining a vehicle that is a "proper enthusiast’s car", a reviewer has stated.

Writing for the Independent, John Simister remarks that although the RS is built on the same lines as other vehicles from the Focus Fleet, many of its exterior panels are "unique".

The fastest vehicle ever built under the Focus umbrella is also fitted with a gloss-black rear spoiler, wide sills and wheel arches and air-louvres on the bonnet to boost the vehicle’s aerodynamics, Mr Simister writes.

Furthermore, he reveals that motorists can stay in a higher gear for longer because the vehicle’s "meaty steering" enables a driver to manoeuvre the RS around corners at a faster speed.

He concludes that the RS is "in proper touch with the road" and is also more than capable of tidily working its way over bumps in the road.

A past review of the latest Ford Focus RS by Channel Four stated that the vehicle would leave drivers "gobsmacked" by its ability to retain its power.


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