Ka-ligraphy allows drivers to express themselves

People who drive Ford Kas now have the chance to personalise their vehicle as the company is to launch exterior graphics this month.

Special images, dubbed Ka-ligraphy, allow motorists to decorate their cars from £49.99.

The 12 signs of the Zodiac are available for people’s car roofs as are black, silver and blue spoiler designs.

Drivers can also opt for an ‘I luv my Ka’ tattoo in six colours as well as butterfly transfers designed to show off their vehicle’s curvy body.

Those interested in sprucing up their Ka can do so in five to 30 minutes and can rest assured that they are warranted for three years once they are bought from a Ford dealership.

Popularity in car customisation has grown in recent years in part due to television programmes such as Pimp My Ride.

However, there has been a backlash against it, with an advert from Volkswagen depicting a modified Golf shedding a tear.


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