How would you replace your car if written-off?

Admiral Insurance has published statistics to show that certain makes and models of car are more likely to be replaced with the same, after an accident write-off, than others.

Ford drivers, with two in every five, are the most loyal, with Focus being the model which most claimants seek after an accident to their previous one.

Volkswagen came second, with Golf being another popular replacement model, and Mercedes owners also stay loyal to their maker – with 35.9 per cent, or over a third, ensuring that the new car is the same as the old one.

Admiral managing director, Sue Longthorn, said, "These figures show that Ford and Volkswagen are making an excellent impression on their owners as they are the most loyal when it comes to replacing their cars.

"It’s somewhat surprising to see Audi come so low in the list especially as Volkswagen, Mercedes and BMW are so high. You would think that Audi build quality and driving experience would entice drivers to buy another, but this certainly doesn’t seem the case compared to its German counterparts. It looks like some manufacturers need to start pulling out the stops to keep their customers."

Not surprisingly, Toyota, who top the annual J D Power customer satisfaction surveys, came sixth with over 30 per cent of customers getting another Toyota after their accidents.


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