Ford takes part in eco-rally

Ford has announced that it is joining an eco-rally that will run from Brighton to London on June 5th, World Environment Day.

The centrepiece of the manufacturer’s line-up will be the hydrogen-powered Explorer fuel-cell vehicle (FCV) and the rally will be the first time Europe has seen the North American-developed fuel cell system in action.

Accompanying the Explorer will be Ford Focus flexifuel vehicles, representing the options that are available for customers to buy now.

Roelant de Waard, chairman of Ford of Britain, said: "Ford and rally organisers Revolve are closely aligned in promoting sustainable transport solutions such as FCVs, hydrogen, biofuels and other options.

"This rally will deepen the understanding of greener motoring – not least among the welcoming party of politicians at Trafalgar Square."

FCVs utilise electricity generated by a fuel cell stack, inside which oxygen and hydrogen are combined, with harmless water vapour the only by-product.

The electricity produced is used to power a motor which drives the vehicle’s wheels.


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