Ford signs up to new code of practice

Ford has signed up to a new motor industry code of practice which could see its 620-strong network of authorised repair centres offer even better service to its customers.

The Code of Practice for Service and Repair aims to give consumers more rights than those required by law. It will make free consumer advice and conciliation services available, and introduce legally-binding arbitration.

The code is the result of collaboration between several leading industry bodies and will signpost car owners towards subscribing garages.

The RAC has been appointed to carry out compliance checks to check that garages meet prescribed repair standards, these will take place unannounced and at regular intervals.

John Cooper, Ford of Britain’s director for customer service, said: "We are pleased to be leading the industry by all of our authorised repair centres signing up at the launch of this code.

"It is an important industry initiative that provides a genuine benefit for customers and sets defined standards for garages for repairing and servicing vehicles."


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