Ford Dagenham continues to build engines after 80 years

With Ford Dagenham responsible for producing engines that go inside vehicles such as the Ford Fiesta, it has been revealed that the plant’s production rate has exceeded one million a year.

In 2008, the 475-acre complex on the Thames produced 1,050,000 units, with these ranging from 1.4-litre cylinder engines to 3.6-litre V8 offerings.

This figure was 16 per cent higher than 2007, with the rising demand among motorists for diesel engines believed to be among the chief reasons for the increase.

Now, in its 80th year, the venue has the capacity to manufacture 1.4 million engines a year thanks to an £800 million investment, with 4,000 people currently employed at the site.

Dagenham plant manager Dave Parker said: "Today we’re at the centre of Ford’s fuel efficiency drive as exemplified by the 76 miles per gallon diesel engine supplied for the new Ford Fiesta.

"Ford Dagenham has a rich manufacturing, economic and social heritage, which has provided the foundation for its competitive position today."

According to Ford, "the new Fiesta is a vivid expression of all that is inspirational in design today".


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