The Incredible Hulk awaits used Ford Focus drivers

The Incredible Hulk of the motoring world has been unleashed onto the market, and it may appeal to used Ford Focus drivers.

Writing for the Sun, Phil Lanning states that the new Ford Focus RS has the "looks and personality" of the fictional superhero, with "bulging muscles ripping out of every crease-line".

The vehicle is available to buyers in two alternate colours to the Ultimate Green – Performance Blue and Frozen White – but Mr Lanning states there is nothing frozen about its performance.

He explains that the RS completes its routine driving chores with little fuss, but gets angry like the comic book hero when a driver puts their foot to the floor.

Overall, he concludes that the RS is reminiscent of a "chav wearing an Armani suit" as it is left "feeling raw yet with refinement" with the real magic in the way it leaves a driver feeling "confident".

Another recent review of the vehicle by Channel Four claims that the vehicles ability to constantly deliver all of its power will leave a driver feeling "gobsmacked".


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