Now, where did I put those car keys?

Ford has announced that the new Mondeo and Focus ranges will have keyless options for their models.

By carrying a special transponder in a trouser pocket, or handbag, the system detects the radio signal from two metres, and the doors will open using the handles.

Inside, the ignition doesn’t need keys either – using the power button in conjunction with depressing the clutch will start the car up.

Rolf Schmitz, Ford electrical engineering manager, said: "Ford Power provides a sporting bond between driver and his Focus or Mondeo fitted with race technology.

"Keyless entry and ignition makes rational sense too. Locking your car key inside the cabin also becomes a mistake of the past because the system’s interior antennae sense the key’s whereabouts inside the cabin and inhibits the locking mechanism."

In the case of needing a safety cut-out, hitting the power button with three sharp depressions, or holding the button in for longer than three seconds, will turn everything off.


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