Ford Focus RS could be lining up Nurburgring record attempt

It is believed that the Ford Focus RS could be gearing up to have a crack at a world record around the commonly used Nurburgring circuit.

After the vehicle was spotted on a special industry day last week, reports have suggested that the RS could be under preparation to try and break the hot hatch lap record.

The honour of holding that record currently belongs to the Renault Megane R26R, which sets the benchmark with its lap of 8mins 17secs.

But if the Focus RS is able to go quicker, then it would hold the record for the fastest front-wheel drive car to have ever driven around the circuit.

It is also believed that a possible date for the record attempt could be on March 31st, when the car lines up as part of another industry meeting.

Phil Lanning in the Sun recently compared the RS to the Incredible Hulk because of its looks and personality.

He came to the conclusion because the vehicle comes in an Ultimate Green colour and has "bulging muscles ripping out of every crease-line".


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