Ford Focus is affordable without harming the environment too much

Although many motorists seem keen on supporting the environment, the Ford Focus is one of the cars that is most affordable to individuals, it has been stated.

Writing in the Guardian, Adam Vaughan has revealed that price is the decisive factor for many motorists as they look to buy a new car.

And despite the fact they also want to help the environment, vehicles generating the least CO2 emissions are often too pricey for motorists, he remarked.

One of the vehicles that are top of the tree in terms of CO2 emissions is the Toyota Prius, but according to Mr Vaughan, the prices of used cars in the range are "probably just a little too much for most people buying a family car".

Thus, when affordability and greenness are taken into account, Mr Vaughan indicated that a diesel Ford Focus was what stood out, generating 127g/km of CO2 compared to the 104g/km of the Prius.

He concluded that used vehicles offering low levels of CO2 are hard to find on the cheap, meaning that motorists often have to ditch their environmental concerns in favour of something that is affordable.

Channel Four indicated in a review of the Ford Focus that the vehicle is "well-priced" and offers passengers good levels of comfort.


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