Cult status of used Ford Focus RS retained

Used Ford Focus RS drivers may be interested to know that the cult status that has always been in existence with the vehicle continues with the latest model.

A review of the vehicle by Peter Dron in the Telegraph states that there is nothing else comparable to the RS on the market in the price range.

He argues that the Focus RS "is much more than an upgraded, lowered, wide-track, bewinged ST", thanks to the inclusion of a complex RS engine that sings an "interesting tune".

Furthermore, he states that the vehicle has increased the upper power limit previously witnessed on front-wheel drive cars.

Mr Dron explains that "torque steer, that devil of powerful front-driven cars, is not entirely eliminated but full throttle before the apex causes only a mild sensation through the steering".

Overall, the vehicle is described as having excellent brakes, a great overall quality and a junior-supercar like performance.

Phil Lanning in the Sun recently stated the vehicle has the looks and personality of the Incredible Hulk.


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