Ford fits like a glove

Ford is about to fit a new modification to its Ford Focus and C-Max cars – adjustable pedals.

Drivers are used to being able to move their seats, mirrors and alter the position of the steering wheel to be at a comfortable height for longer journeys or jams during the daily commute, but now shoe size and ankle flexibility will be eased by having the opportunity to flick a switch and activate an electric motor which will move the pedal levers up to 55 centimetres closer to the seat.

Thomas Svensson, Ford brake system development engineer, says: "For some customers finding a seating position which is a comfortable distance from both pedals and steering wheel is difficult.

"With adjustable pedals, drivers can tailor their position precisely and easily using the convenient seat-mounted switch."

Ford was recently honoured with the prize of Fleet Manufacturer of the Year at the 2008 Fleet World awards. Special mention was made of the Kuga 4×4 model and the S-Max vehicles during the ceremony.


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  1. Stuart Yearsley on

    This one sure has taken some time to get from concept to showroom.
    Ford showed of electrically adjustable pedals on the Technobird concept car, so long ago I can’t remember when.
    The car also had electrically opening doors, on trapezoidal hinges and no front blind-spots. The A pillars were eliminated by using a fully stressed, cantilever top. The side glass dovetailed into the windscreen, when raised.
    Now, courtesy of the anti-roll over legislation, that bit definitely won’t make it to market.