Policeman accuses mechanic of Ray Ban theft from used Audi A4

Controversy surrounded a used Audi A4 in Nottingham last week after a policeman wrongly accused a mechanic of stealing his sunglasses from the vehicle.

Mechanic Richard Smith was held under arrest for 40 minutes by detective constable Robert Buttery of Nottingham Police after he was unable to find his Ray Ban sunglasses.

The policeman believed that the mechanic at the MOT test centre in Mansfield had stolen the shades, but this was later found not to be the case.

Back-up officers arrived at the garage, with one finding the designer shades wedged under a seat as he gave the car a final check.

Mr Smith told the Telegraph: “It was very humiliating. He just wouldn’t believe what I said.

“When the glasses were found he just offered a sheepish apology and drove off.”

Dc Buttery made the accusation in front of a garage of waiting customers and even rifled through the belongings of Mr Smith, going through his pockets, bag, van and desk draw, the newspaper also highlighted.

One of the redeeming features of the Audi A4, according to a review of the vehicle last year by Channel Four is that it has style and interior quality.


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