Ford Focus receives upgrades for 2008

The Ford Focus will be subject to a number of new features when its 2008 model hits dealerships.

Double-clutch six-speed transmission will be made available by new Ford PowerShift technology, while an enhanced interior is offset by a Kinetic Design exterior.

The company is hoping that the improvements will mark further success for the line, which has so far sold more than 1.1 million units.

Automaker Ford added that the Focus will be available across trim grades Studio, Style, Zetec and Titanium.

Couple-Cabriolet and ST sporting flagship versions of the car will be made available alongside traditional three-door, five-door and estate bodies.

“Following its unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford has announced that a new version of its family favourite will begin rolling off production lines from the end of 2007,” the company commented.

Earlier this week, Ford was granted permission by the Romanian government to take over the Daewoo Craiova plant in the country.


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