Young motorists choosing superminis as first cars

Over two thirds of young drivers are opting for a supermini such as a Ford Fiesta as their first vehicle after passing their test, according to new research. has found that 67 per cent of today’s young drivers have their sights set on a supermini, compared with the ‘old bangers’ that their parents had to contend with.

In the past, young drivers were often subject to being passed down vehicles including hatchbacks such as a Volkswagen Golf.

The research also discovered that 35 per cent of youngsters receive their first car as a gift and 11 per cent even drive around in family saloons including a Ford Mondeo.

Debra Williams from said: "Clearly young drivers are lucky to own cars at a younger age and driving something more modern and reliable."

Further findings revealed that on average young motorists today have their own car by the age of 19, whereas their parents had to wait until the age of 25.

Channel Four indicated in a review of the Ford Fiesta that the vehicle is "cheap to buy and run", alongside being "comfortable and refined".


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