Motorists told to keep an eye open for a used Ford Fiesta Trend

Both first-time drivers and those looking at downsizing their present vehicle should keep a look out for a used Ford Fiesta 1.6 Trend, it has been stated.

The Wheel Deal argues that all sorts of buyers will not "find better small-car bang for [their]increasingly harder-to-earn buck".

Features of the Ford Fiesta that impressed the most tended to be on the inside, where some of the inclusions were described as "tasty".

The cabin is stated as being "spunky", while being "well made and packed full of gizmos".

However, the ultimate impressive attribute of the car was its "sterling handling characteristics".

The reviewer explains that buyers of the vehicle will see commuting as fun thanks to the vehicle’s encouragement towards "enthusiastic driving".

"Plant it through the corners and you’ll always feel part of the machine thanks to its excellent feedback and overall responsiveness," the reviewer concludes.

According to What Car?, the Ford Fiesta is the "best-driving supermini", offering drivers great handling and good safety, alongside plenty of room in both the front and the back.


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