Ford Fiesta reeling in sales of the Escort

The Ford Fiesta is closing in on being Britain’s top selling vehicle since 1965, it has been revealed.

Working alongside Matthew Croucher, economic manager at The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the Orange Cars channel has been compiling figures to show the most bought cars over the past four decades.

And the Fiesta has moved into second place with 3,510,584 units sold, behind the Ford Escort, which currently has sales figures of 4,105,192.

However, this difference will continue to decrease as the Fiesta sells an average of 85,000 vehicles each year and it is already the current best-selling model of 2009.

Nigel Sharp, Ford Britain managing director, said: "The all-new Fiesta is leading the small car heartland which is so much in the spotlight in this climate.

"The new Fiesta’s track record speaks for itself: UK’s top selling car every month since it went on sale in October and increasing sales year on year."

A road test of the Ford Fiesta by Channel Four indicated that the vehicle is "fun to drive", while being "comfortable and refined".


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