Ford Fiesta drivers should consider 1.25-litre offering

Although many used Ford Fiesta drivers may expect the 1.4-litre offering from the new range to be the best, they may be wrong, a reviewer believes.

Glen Waddington states in Car Magazine that the "sweet spot" of the range may be the smallest offering; the 1.25-litre petrol vehicle.

He explains that "there’s an immediate feeling of sprightliness from the moment you set off" and drivers will continue to be surprised every time they climb behind the wheel of the Fiesta.

Furthermore, the vehicle is "utterly capable of cruising in the fast lane" of a motorway, while still having another power in reserve for a steep incline, he points out.

Mr Waddington claims that the Ford Fiesta is currently "the most talented supermini on sale" and is more than capable of being a family’s main vehicle, rather than the second car that it is often seen as.

It is added, however, that the Fiesta may not suit families constantly travelling around with mass amounts of luggage or with five passengers that are all on the taller side of six foot.

The Ford Fiesta was recently crowned the What Car? Car of the Year for 2009.


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