Car of the Week: Hyundai i10


If you’re looking for a car that can offer you practicality combined with style and economy then the Hyundai i10 is an ideal choice. This little hatchback is one of the most popular models Hyundai produces and it’s easy to see why. It’s got so much to offer so we’ve decided to make the second generation Hyundai i10 this week’s ‘Car of the Week’.

As the compact size of the car would suggest, the engine capacities are on the more modest side. Petrol engines come in capacities of 1.0 or 1.2/1.25 litres, with the latter four-cylinder model boasting a rather frugal 47.9-67.3 claimed MPG. Don’t let this fool you into thinking the i10 is sluggish though, the 1.2/1.25 makes this a surprisingly nippy little car.


In terms of driver comfort, the i10 certainly delivers. While you wouldn’t choose this car to go off-roading, its tuned suspension deals well with bumps and uneven surfaces. It is when you’re inner-city driving that you’ll feel the comfort most,though, with the engine providing a smooth and noticeably quiet drive. At the same time, its power steering is durable and effective enough to make negotiating through traffic and parking a walk in the park.


The 5-door model comes as standard, providing you and your passengers with added convenience compared with more typical three-door small hatchbacks. At only 3565mm long you’d be forgiven for thinking the interior might be a little cramped, but the reality is that the i10 has quite a roomy cabin. You can seat a family of five and the upholstery is comfy and resilient. Be aware however, that the boot isn’t huge, although you can fold the rear seats down for more storage space should you need it.


One of the best aspects of the Hyundai i10 is the wealth of features you can get for such low cost. In some you can find a number of accessories and conveniences like alloy wheels, air conditioning, MP3 connections and adjustable steering. What’s even better about this is these can be a great selling point for future resale value. The i10 is also praised for its in-car usability. tThe car’s dashboard might lack a flashy touch-screen and animated tech, but makes up for this with its straightforward, user-friendly styling.


A final financial positive to consider is that thanks to its smaller engine, its low emissions place it in the B category – making your annual car tax a mere £20.

It really is a fantastic option for anyone looking for an affordable, versatile run-around car. The particular model we’re featuring this week also comes with a selection of added accessories, including all of the above features as well as electric windows, remote locking and many more. With only 3,615 miles on the clock this car has plenty of life left in it yet. To see the full listing, click here.


For more information on the Hyundai i10, you can also have a look at our user reviews to get an idea of what a few i10 owners think about this car.


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