I am thinking of buying a Nissan Quashqai, can you please give me some idea of insurance and miles per gallon expected.

I am thinking of buying a Nissan QuashQai. Can you please give me some idea as to the sort of miles per gallon. plus the sort of yearly insurance I would be paying. Thank You.

Asked by Gina Parker

Insurance costs will depend on the age, trim and engine size of the model you buy as well as on where you live and your own driving history. You can use on line comparison sites to get illustrative quotes.

Official fuel consumption figures will also vary by engine and transmission. You can check official fuel consumption figures on the government website but should bear in mind that these figures are not a good predictor or real-world fuel consumption because of the way this is affected by driving style, load, journey type, road and traffic conditions. Expect to get around 25% less than the official figures.


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