Do you think i should stick to petrol or go diesel?

I am after an Audi TT 11 to 13 plate, i have a golf petrol at moment, I do around 5000 miles a year, do you think i should stick to petrol or go diesel

Asked by mr. a.fellows

5000 miles a year is very low for diesel.  Though the economy (miles per gallon) is going to be better on the diesel the fuel costs significantly more per litre meaning that it is going to take tens of thousands of miles to recoup any additional up-front cost associated with buying the diesel in the first place.

You also need to think about whether a diesel with a diesel particulate trap (DPF) is suited to your type of driving.  The DPF catches sooty particles in the exhaust but needs to burn these off from time to time in a process called regeneration.  If you only use a car for short local journeys then you may never achieve the engine operating conditions required for DPF regeneration.  Our patrols see a fair number of breakdowns related to DPF blockage/regeneration failure.


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