Any tips on buying an Audi A6 auto with DPF?

hi Edmund id like to thank you in advance for taking time to answer my question. i am thinking of buying an audi a6 2.0 tdi dpf automatic multitronic 2006 reg. it has 74000 miles on clock. i dont know much about audi models as i never owned one. could you please suggest what potential problems i could encounter ? thanks vasif

Asked by vasif khan

The most important part of your question is the mention of ‘DPF’.

Diesel Particulate Filters are fitted to reduce emissions of soot particles but they need to go through a ‘regeneration’ process from time-to-time to burn off the soot collected in the filter. This regeneration generally requires sustained high speed running and may not complete if the journey is stop/start in nature.

If you’re going to be doing mainly stop/start, town-based driving then I’d avoid a diesel with DPF.

Besides that there’s nothing specific to worry about – just make sure you check the service history carefully to make sure that you’re buying a car that has been cared for and serviced according to Audi’s recommended schedule.


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