Stevenage Mayor sets example in Prius

The Mayor of Stevenage has changed his official car to an environmentally-friendly Toyota Prius in an effort to make the town greener.

Councillor Graham Clark commented that "it is very important" that officials set an example for others to follow.

The Prius emits 104 g of CO2 per km and is ecologically an improvement on the Rover 75 the Mayor previously used to get around.

Now Mr Clark is hoping that "other motorists in the borough will follow a similar course".

He added that Stevenage Borough Council is intent on cutting greenhouse gas emissions in its everyday activities.

"Our priority in sourcing the new vehicle was to find the most fuel-efficient and least polluting option available, while retaining the attributes of equivalent conventional cars," he said.

Environmental issues have been forefronted this year by politicians, particularly former US vice president Al Gore, who staged the Live Earth concerts worldwide in an attempt to raise awareness.


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  1. Mmmm! Maybe someone should enlighten Mr Clark that by running a well maintained historic vehicle, he would manage to do even more good for the environment.
    The carbon footprint for building this vehicle along with the actual life expectancy is a lot more damaging to our environment than running, lets say, a Morris minor. There is a lot of information regarding this on the internet if anyone wishes to look into the facts.