Green taxi service picks the Prius

The Toyota Prius will soon be put into action across London as a new carbon neutral taxi service begins operations.

Climatecars claims to be taking a "no-compromise stance" on the environment, with all of its cars’ emissions to be offset by the Carbon Neutral Company.

The Toyota Prius models used by the company, which will all have a metallic grey finish and black leather seats, will emit 104 grams of CO2 per kilometre and are expected to complete 30,000 miles every year.

Five of the petrol-electric cars were received by the company at the beginning of this month, with more due in the future.

Nicko Williamson, founder of Climatecars, said: "After looking at LPG [liquid petroleum gas], biofuels and other eco-friendly technologies, it was clear that hybrids were the natural way to go.

"The Prius is one of the greenest cars on the road, it has plenty of space and it’s a very practical option for this industry. It’s an extremely clever vehicle with a lot of potential."

Mr Williamson said that the Prius itself is likely to be one of his company’s biggest selling points, as passengers will "find it interesting" to travel in the car.


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