New engine part ‘will improve Toyota performance’

Toyota has developed a new engine part which it claims will improve both fuel efficiency and performance.

The manufacturer’s Valvematic component is a valve lift mechanism that combines variable valve timing with a new system to control the intake valve lift volume.

Essentially this means that the Valvematic will control the amount of air taken into the engine by adjusting the intake valve lift volume, compared to conventional engines which control airflow with a throttle valve.

Introducing the new system, Toyota said: "This ensures optimal performance based on the engine’s operational condition, thus helping vehicles achieve both high fuel efficiency and dynamic performance."

The Valvematic will "further evolve" the automaker’s petrol engine, Toyota claims, improving fuel efficiency by up to ten per cent, reducing CO2 emissions and boosting power output by at least ten per cent.

It will first be seen in a new two-litre engine being introduced in the near future. Toyota has plans to revamp its entire engine lineup by 2010 as part of its efforts to reduce carbon emissions.


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