New Mercedes Benz E-Class offers drowsiness-detection and massages

Massages and drowsiness-detection are just two of the things that drivers can get if they invest in the new Mercedes Benz E-Class, a car which gives a glimpse into the future of used Mercedes.

An optional active multi-contour seat package is available with the new car and boasts recently-developed comfort head restraints and a two-stage massage function in the backrest that has been a big hit in the S-Class.

But there is little chance of falling asleep behind the wheel while having a soothing massage as a drowsiness detection system monitors the driver’s alertness levels.

The system works by using a highly-sensitive steering angle sensor which can identify even minor steering errors – something which Mercedes scientists believe is a tell-tale sign of drowsiness.

The car also has the ability to set the temperature in three different ‘climate zones’ in the car – putting an end to arguments between passengers and drivers about the heat or cold.

The new car will arrive in some European Mercedes outlets in March. Unfortunately, the UK will have to wait till June to get their hands on one.

Written by Bobby Minter


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