New world awaits for used Mercedes C-Class fans

Used Mercedes C-Class fans could delve into the world of the unknown when stepping into the latest new model of the range, it has been stated.

Writing for Exec Digital Lifestyles, Jade Sermon argued that "any similarity to a standard C-Class ends as soon as you enter the snug suede and leather racing seats".

The new flagship C-Class has been revamped to increase its likeness to a vehicle from the Mercedes AMG brand, especially in terms of bodywork.

Ms Sermon added that although the vehicle can more than adequately cope with completing general everyday tasks such as doing the shopping, it is more at home when used for "pure unadulterated fun".

The C63 AMG is a vehicle that "wants to reward the talented driver with as many thrills as it possibly can", according to Ms Sermon.

Overall she concluded that the vehicle is one that has been made for driving, offering "pinpoint accuracy, power and brakes."

More typical features of a standard Mercedes C-Class include safety attributes such as Neck-Pro active head restraints, seat belt pretensioners and a host of airbags.


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