Volvo is “best in class”

Experts from within the automotive industry have judged the new Volvo V70 and XC70 as "best in class".

The company has revealed that a panel of professionals awarded its new estate models the classification in terms of future residual values, which means the marques are predicted to have greater value on the second-hand car market.

Estimations have come from both leasing firm Lex and value predictor Cap and they have forecast that the Volvo V70 will be worth about 49 per cent of its original retail price when it enters the used car market.

"The residual value forecasts reflect the excellent used car prices the current estates have achieved," said John Wallace, corporate sales and leasing manager at Volvo Car UK.

In addition, the spokesperson added that the two models represent a noticeable "step-up in style", which incorporates enhanced functionality and quality.

According to What Car magazine, the Volvo V70 is both stylish and good to drive.


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