New Volvo DRIVe range to be launched

Volvo is set to unveil a new economical DRIVe range of sub-120g/km diesel variants of the C30 SportsCoupe, S40 saloon and V50 Sportswagon at the Paris Motor Show in early October.

All three models will be equipped with a special set of efficiency-enhancing features and branded with the DRIVe emblem as proof of their uprated environment properties.

UK customers will be able to take delivery of the first of these new upgraded models in January.

The reduction in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is a result of reduced air resistance, gearboxes with altered ratios and a more efficient driveline.

The cars’ good environmental performance means that UK Volvo owners can now enjoy a lower road tax and registration tax.

Magnus Jonsson, senior vice president, research and development at Volvo Cars, said: "We will offer our diesel-powered DRIVe cars throughout Europe, even in countries that today do not offer any form of financial incentive.

"We are doing this to give everyone the opportunity to choose a pro-environmental alternative from Volvo."

Written by Bobby Minter


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