New technology warns motorists of collision risks

Volvo has developed a new driver behaviour monitoring system which will
allow for vehicles to predict and warn motorists of potential collisions.

Driver distraction is the cause of 90 per cent of accidents and the Swedish manufacturer has developed Driver Alert Control in order to avoid crashes due to fatigue or lack of attention.

A camera located between the windscreen and rear view mirror monitors the vehicle’s position, while sensors assess movement. These factors are then computed by the system, which will warn the motorist if there is a perceived hazard.

Such technology could save lives and have a positive effect on car insurance

"It is, of course, always the driver’s responsibility to take a break when necessary, but sometimes you might not realise that you’re not alert enough to drive. In such situations, Driver Alert Control can help," said Daniel Levin, project manager.

Last year, 3,150 people died in road traffic collisions in the UK.


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