Subtle details are highlighting factors of new Volkswagen Golf GTI

The "subtle details" that have been included in the new Volkswagen Golf are what makes the vehicle a "bit special", it has been revealed.

Following his road test of the Golf Mk6 GTI, Richard Dredge indicated on Car Keys that a range of small changes have taken place, especially on the car’s exterior.

Among those to have been completed on the outside are a new mesh grille, an integral rear spoiler and twin exhausts.

Meanwhile, the interior follows that traditionally expected of the Golf, meaning that the bulk of it is black.

However, Mr Dredge highlighted that it is the driving experience that the car offers which makes it "desirable".

Helping it to boost its on-the-road feel is the fact it offers a "superb ride for such a sporty small hatch", according to Mr Dredge, while the body control is described as "excellent".

Motorists in the UK will be able to pick up one of the vehicles from May 22nd, with the manufacturer declaring it to be a "true performance car" with improved response and new systems that maximise traction.


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